Thank you to all the residents that were able to attend this week’s LOLC Annual Meeting. The new board members who have been voted in for the 2022 year are:

Jim Burns – Returning Member
Ken Johnson – Returning Member
Robert Rodriguez – Returning Member
Ashley Griggs – New Member

Thank you for volunteering and serving your community.

We would like to thank Dan Krueger, and Phil Bowen for volunteering to be a part of the newly formed Road Committee to address the need for road repairs in our neighborhood. We are still looking for members that would like to be a part of this Committee. Feel free to email lolcpresident@gmail.com if you are interested.

We would also like to thank Joyce Bowen for serving on the 2021 board and continuing to maintain the website in 2022. The Association appreciates the hard work, time, and effort you put in to improve the community.

Kind Regards,
Your LOLC 2022 Board of Directors