Help Keep Our Streets Safe

Just a friendly reminder that the posted speed limit in LOLC is 25 mph. Please stay alert as you travel the roads and be aware of children who are playing outside, along with bicycle riders, walkers and joggers of all ages.

Also, whenever possible, please park vehicles in your driveway. If it is necessary to temporarily park along the curb of the street, please be mindful of intersections, curves and hills. Blind spots can unintentionally be created for those who need to pass your parked vehicle, creating a potentially dangerous situation.

Thank you so much! We want to keep all of our residents as safe as possible!

Enjoy the rest of your day!
Your 2020 LOLC Board

Thank You, Volunteers!

Dear LOLC Neighbors,

Thank you to those that turned out Saturday to spread mulch and add plants at the front gate as well as cutting down the tree blocking the gate security light. Everything looks much better now.

Thank you again to those that came out to help. It is much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Your 2020 LOLC Board

Volunteers Needed on Saturday, Oct. 31

Good day LOLC Neighbors,

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the weather change!

This Saturday, October 31 at 10 am, we need volunteers to help with mulching and planting at the front gate. Rob Black will have the mulch for us to spread, so please bring a wheelbarrow, shovel and rake if you have one. After we complete the work at the gate, we plan on using any remaining mulch at the LM Pointe waterfall.

There is also a tree blocking the streetlight for the front gate which interferes with the gate camera lighting. We will be removing this tree as well, so please come prepared.

Hopefully we will have a group like when we cleaned the loose gravel in our streets allowing us to split up and work in teams.

Thank you for your help and we hope to see you at 10 am this Saturday at the front gate.

Kind regards
Your 2020 LOLC Board

Road Repair Update -September 30, 2020

Good day LOLC Neighbors,
In previous notices, we advised of the road repairs and requested your vigilance and patience as the work progressed. Unfortunately, the work is not progressing well as the contractor is having issues with his crews. We are in discussions with the contractor and he has committed to complete the work as contracted. He is working to develop a new schedule this week and we are hopeful to be able to advise you soon as to what that might be.

In the meantime, we continue to ask for your patience and to please be mindful there are areas of curb and gutter that have been cut out with a warning cone placed in them. We will be requesting additional safety tape be placed around these areas to make them more visible.

 Kind regards,
Your 2020 LOLC Board

Thank You, Volunteers!

Hello LOLC Neighbors,

The Board wishes to thank those of you that came out and helped clean up all the loose gravel in our streets. We had a great turn out and got the work done in just over two hours……thank you!!!

A little request: one of the shovels accidentally found a new home and I would like for those of you that came out to check to see if it ended up at your place by mistake. It is a short handled, square point shovel. You can let Michael White know and he will come get it or you can bring it to him at 6036 Longmire Pointe. We were all over the place, so we’re sure it just accidentally ended up in someone else’s vehicle.

Thank you all again as what you did out there made our community look better and with the rain we are getting, it will enable our streets to drain better.

Thank you,
Your 2020 LOLC Board

Volunteers Needed on September 19, 2020

Good Evening, LOLC Neighbors!

In order to help save on costs for the road repair, we’re going to clean up as much of the gravel debris along the street curbs in LOLC as we can. Michael White has a machine that will aid us in the effort, but we’ll need as much help as we can get. If possible, please bring shovels and push-brooms.

If you can join us this Saturday, September 19 at 9:00 am, we’d truly appreciate the help. We realize it is short notice but we just made this decision at the Board meeting last night. We’re going to meet across the street from 12383 Longmire Cove (John & Kay Majewski’s house) – where all the nice trees were planted a few years ago.

We hope you can join us – it makes it more fun if we can catch up with neighbors as we work!

Your 2020 LOLC Board